Kitchen Tap

Orizuro Collection

Zomodo's Orizuro designs are inspired by the traditional Japanese artwork of Origami. The paper crane, or Orizuru (original - "folded", tsar "crane") is the most classic of all origami.


Orizuro 15 Zomodo Tap Orizuro 11 15 Zomodo Tap

Gignus Collection

The grace and beauty of the swan (:tin: Cygnus) is reflected in the Zomodo Cignus Collection.


Cignus 14 Zomodo Tap

Piato Collection

Zomodo's Piato tap collection follows minimalist design trends that are a feature of many modern kitchens.


Piato 13 Zomodo Tap Piato 12 Zomodo Tap Piato 30 Zomodo Tap

Crystal Collection

Zomodo's Crystal range enables connection and delivery if filtered water via the integrated hot/cold/filtered tap, or the filtered only models.


Crystal 30 34 10 Zomodo Tap