For any enquiries on where to buy Zomodo products, or questions regarding distribution, please fill out the contact form or use the email below, alternatively please contact one of our region offices, contact information listed below.

Zomodo Marketing Office Visit by appointment only

222 Margaret Street,
Brisbane City,
Australia 4000

Tel: (61) 475 451 228

Zomodo Head Office Visit by appointment only

702 Tian’an Development Plaza,
Ecological Hi-Tech Park,
555 Panyu Avenue North,

Guangzhou, Guangdong, P.R.C.

Zomodo Canada Showroom – Visit by appointment only

Eastern Canada Showroom & Warehouse
Unit 16, 124 Connie Crescent, Concord, Ontario, Canada, L4K 1L7

Tel: (647) 760 4416

Zomodo New Zealand Showroom

Reward Hospitality NZ
12 Reg Savoury Place, East Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand 1061

Tel: 0800 MY SINK (0800 697 465)