Concertina Rollmats

The Zomodo's stainless steel Rollmats are now available in our innovative PearlArc colours. Rollmats are the most useful kitchen accessory, you can use it as a draining rack over your sink or to protect your bench space from hot pots & pans, when you're not using it simply roll it up to store away until the time you need it. Stylish & functional!


Zomodo PearlArc Rollmat

Fibre-Rock® Cutting Boards

Zomodo's trademarked Fibre-Rock® is a hardwearing & eco-friendly wood fibre composite material, that provides a food-safe, knife friendly, smooth surface with no-slip buffers.

Fibre-Rock® has been used in commercial kitchens for over 40 years. The durable fibre-composite material won't dull knives, harbour bacteria or absorb unwanted flavours or odours.

The boards can be used as a cutting surface, hot-pan trivet or stylish serving platter.


Zomodo Fibre-Rock Zomodo Fibre-Rock 3 Zomodo Fibre-Rock 2

Bamboo Cutting Boards

Zomodo bamboo cutting boards offer the strength and style of bamboo with our unique ‘fit’ functionality & design. Your new Zomodo bamboo cutting board will fit perfectly with your Zomodo sink, enabling you to prepare and cook food with ease.


Glass Cutting Boards

Zomodo Glass Cutting Boards combine our unique 'fit' functionality with simplistic modern design. Sliding easily over your Zomodo sink, this multi functional cutting board will help you in cooking prep and during cooking as a heat resistant surface.


Drainer Trays

Presenting you with more surface options than ever before, Zomodo Stainless Steel Drainer Trays are the perfect accompaniment to any Zomodo sink. Turn a sink bowl into extra bench space or extend your sink space with this functional product. With innovative water draining structure and openings, Zomodo Drainer Trays not only offer you practicality but lustrous style.


Zomodo Drainer Tray 2 Zomodo Drainer Tray

Glass Sink Cover

Zomodo Glass Sink Covers are the pinnacle of design for functionality and aesthetics. Reclaim kitchen space whilst your sink is not in use by utilising this stylish, strong, heat resistant product.


Zomodo about kitchen sinks

Dish Rack and Wire Basket

Taking full advantage of your sink while allowing you to retain your bench space, Zomodo Stainless Steel Dish Racks & Wire Baskets fit perfectly inside your new sink in seamless style while focussing on superb design and functionality. Highest quality SUS304 stainless steel presents you with a contemporary lifelong product. Zomodo Stainless Steel Dish Racks & Wire Baskets are both a practical and stylish piece with multiple purposes.


Zomodo Regatta 2

Bottom Grid

Zomodo Bottom Grids are a simple yet supremely useful product for your kitchen. Giving you the ability to wash and drain & stack and store right in your sink, out of sight. This product can be easily removed when not required. Its simplicity is its strength!


Zomodo NZ Home Show 79


The Zomodo Stainless Steel Concertina Trivet is the epitome of versatility and imaginative design. Use it as a draining rack over your new sink or to protect your bench space from hot pots and pans and then fold it up to store in a drawer until the next time you need it. True ingenuity at its best.



The Zomodo Stainless Steel Colander range simplifies kitchen living by minimising the need for bulky, space consuming products. With it's appealing finish and smart design features, the Zomodo Stainless Steel Colander is a "must have" item.


Zomodo Colander


For when just one item is not enough, Zomodo's Combination products give you the best of both worlds. Based around our Bamboo Cutting Boards and incorporating a variety of other products and a wide range of options to suit every possible application, the Combinations range is elegant and stylish. The combinations are endless!


Eco Bowl

The Zomodo Eco Bowl is designed for those times when you need to do a quick wash and don't want to fill the whole sink. A small, heatproof acrylic bowl drops into your sink so that you can wash and rinse without wasting a lot of water. It can then be lifted out and used on your garden. Eco is best.


Zomodo Eco Sink