Montego Causeway

Zomodo's newest sink design, the Montego Causeway, is handcrafted R15 sinkware, with an innovative low-divide/dropped-bridge. This allows for large pots & pans, BBQ grills, and baking trays to be easily soaked & washed lengthways in your sink. While also providing the convenience to fill only one bowl for everyday washing.

The Montego Collection is made from SUS304 quality stainless steel, pre-finished with a stylish MicroBrush polish. The collection also offers a number of single bowls, and standard bridge options. And is available in Zomodo's unique PearlArc colours.


Zomodo Montego Causeway 2 Zomodo Montego Causeway Eureka Gold Zomodo Montego Causeway 1


The Zomodo Butler Sinks offer a modern take on the traditional farmhouse sink concept. Hand-made with R15 internal corner, and R25 external corner, the Butler sinks are the meaning of country-chic. Available in a number of bowl sizes, single and double.

Utilising SUS304 MicroBrush stainless steel to provide a durable, sleek finish, our Butler sinks can be installed under the countertop in various configurations including: overhang, aligned and rebate.


Zomodo Butler Sinkware 2 Zomodo Butler Sinkware 3 Zomodo Butler Sinkware 1

Butler Inset

Zomodo's Butler Inset range, the brother to the above Butler range, was designed because the farmhouse style sink is traditionally an undermount installation only product, with this new Butler Inset design it is allows for inset or flush-mount installation, with a easy to clean tap-ledge, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the apron-front/farmhouse style.

Hand-made from SUS304 MicroBrush stainless steel with R10 internal corner, and R10 external corner, these are the ultra-modern farmhouse chic sinks. Available in a number of bowl sizes, single and double.


Zomodo Butler Inset


Zomodo’s Cayman range combines our most modern product features and utilizes our newest technology developments. Available in numerous bowl configurations, the Cayman products are manufactured with premium SUS304 material pre-finished with a high-lustre scotchbrite surface. The combination of the rectangular covered overflow, 9mm corner radii, and a 3mm bowl bridge present the most striking and contemporary sink for your latest kitchen designs.

Complemented by a full range of Zomodo’s kitchen accessories, the Cayman will enhance both the appearance and functionality of your kitchen space.


Zomodo Cayman Zomodo Cignus Collection


The Integrato sinkware range enables you to regain your bench-top. Supplied with flush-fitting glass covers your Integrato sink will disappear when not required.

Also available are a fitted wire basket, a flush fitting bamboo cutting board, colander, removable drain tray and expandable concertina trivet. The Integrato range is a stunning addition to your kitchen.



The Integrato-T sinkware range enables you to regain your bench-top. Supplied with flush-fitting glass covers your Integrato-T sink will almost fully disappear when not required.

Also available are a fitted wire basket, a flush fitting bamboo cutting board, colander, removable drain tray, removable eco-sink and expandable concertina trivet. The Integrato-T range is a stunning addition to your kitchen.


Kitchen sink design, colander, glass cover


Regatta sinks combine tight R25 bowl geometry with a multi-level drainer pattern to form an attractive modern look. The Regatta range offers several bowl and drainer configurations to fit most cabinet sizes and are complimented with numerous accessories to maximize your efficiency and enjoyment in the kitchen. Select from dish racks, cutting boards in glass or bamboo, and/or colander.

Manufactured from SUS304 stainless steel, and finished with satin bowls and a high lustre “silk” drainer, your Regatta sink will look great and last a lifetime.


Zomodo Regatta 2 Zomodo Regatta


The Stratus sinkware is Zomodo's premium bowl & drainer range. With undermount or inset/flushmount (with tap-ledge) installations options, these sinks will look sleek & stylish in any kitchen.

This range incorporates easy to clean R10 internal corners, with a sleep draining platform. The Stratus provides additional workspace and is compatible with our full range of accessories, and is available in single bowl and various double bowl configurations.


Zomodo Stratus


The Cube-R collection is a R0 geometric marvel, suited to undermounting, flushmounting or inset installations with solid surface bench-tops. With numerous single and double bowl configurations, and generous bowl depths the Cube-R products will be the highlight of your kitchen.

The Cube-R sinks have a neat R6 bottom radius to assist with draining and to make cleaning easier. All products are supplied with professional installation kits, and are packaged in tailored moulded polystyrene shells to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.



The Onyx sink collection uses stainless steel and tempered glass materials to create a sink with full slide-over glass covers. The covers double as cutting boards, and run on Teflon slides to prevent damage to the bench top, while ensuring ease of use.

Available in single and double bowl models, the Onyx sinks are complemented by various accessories including: eco-sink, colander, concertina and dish rack. The double bowl models feature a slimline bridge. Onyx glass can be supplied in various colours and patterns to achieve a unique appearance.



The Lucia collection features deep, tight radius (R15mm) bowls. With our state-of-the art deep-drawing capability, we are able to produce sink bowls with tight geometry normally associated with a hand-fabricated sink, but the cost advantages of a pressed bowl product.

The Lucia collection is complimented by: tempered glass covers that enable you to reclaim your bench top space; various cutting board, colander options and concertina.


Zomodo Lucia Zomodo Lucia 2


The Zeffiro range offers R25 bowls in 6 different bowl configurations, which are inset or undermount installation. The Zeffiro sinks will enhance your kitchen space and integrate with other modern stainless steel appliances.

These sinks are complimented by a range of functional and stylish accessories, including: glass cutting board, bamboo cutting board, dish drainer/basket, removable drainer tray, and concertina. All of the accessory pieces incorporate the R25 radii theme.


Zomodo Zeffiro Zomodo Zeffiro 2


Based on the standard European 500mm frame width, the Euronox sinkware collection features parallel graduated fluting on the drainer area and deep bowls that make food preparation or washing a breeze.

The Euronox double-ledge design creates a very strong tap mount and reduces water splashing onto your bench top. Euronox sinks are supplied with an inset installation system, however can also be undermounted. Tthe laser edge ensures a smooth transition to the bench top.


Zomodo Euronox