Highlight your kitchen with Zomodo’s PearlArc Collection!

The PearlArc surface treatment is a 3 stage process to craft beautiful & long-lasting products. First off, the products go through Shot-Peening, to produce a hard scratch-resistant surface. Then on to the Titanium Oxide Coating (PVD), this gives the metal a unique colour. Lastly, the Nano Resin Coating forms an ultra-thin protective & easy to clean layer to reduce fingerprints.


Zomodo PearlArc® PearlArc Technology Process PearlArc Technology Process PearlArc Technology Process

Rio Bronze

The Rio Bronze Collection showcases a rich copper highlight which gives your basic stainless steel sink & tap a show-stopping effect.

Zomodo's exciting new PearlArc Technology, is a tried & tested 3 step process, which enables long-lasting colour to stainless steel sink, taps & accessories.


Black Pearl

With the luxurious sheen of a rare Black Pearl, this collection emanates modern sophisticated design and will bring your kitchen to the next level.

The first stage in Zomodo's unique PearlArc process is Shot-Peen Surface Hardening. Creating a harder more durable surface that is both scratch-resistant and impact resistant.


Zomodo Black Pearl Collection

Eureka Gold

Eureka Gold is the epitome of royal elegance, this outstanding collection is perfectly matched with black, white or grey hues to craft an enchanting kitchen.

The second step in the PearlArc process is Titanium Oxide Coating. A vapour deposition technique, which provides an extremely hardwearing colour layer.


Zomodo Eureka Gold